Newsletter April 2012


April 2012

Thank you!

I would like to thank everyone who gave up their Saturday to attend the 2012 Symposium, the speakers for so capably demonstrating the rich variety of themes inspired by Mark Blackburn and especially all those speakers and attendees who travelled from abroad to make this a truly international event.


I was surprised to see the coin illustrated above, and shown during Guillaume & Florence’s presentation, as I misread the obverse inscription as EGOMANIAC! Arent Pol provided the correct description: `the extraordinary tremissis, with legend PECOMANIACO (an unidentified location), when positioned correctly shows a moneyer at work on the reverse (and possibly a hand held die on the obverse as well); the design may be a pun to the name of the place ("pecunia"). See J. Lafaurie, BSFN (1964) 342-343.`

Call for papers, Volume 3

Studies in Medieval Coinage, Volume 3 published by Boydell & Brewer, will include papers from both the 2010 and 2012 symposia. The deadline for submissions is the end of 2012. There will be no extension to this generous allowance. I have already received pledges for twelve articles and space may be limited, so please do not delay in letting me know if you want to contribute. The major bibliography now prepared and under review may form a separate volume. Previous volumes are available from . Please support this worthy journal; this entire initiative will be jeopardised if the publication fails.

Style Guide

Please follow the British Numismatic Journal guidance notes in preparing written scripts. This is available on Please, in  particular:

·         Use Times New Roman, size 12, line spacing 1.0. Use a single space at the start of a sentence.

·         Do not indent the first paragraph after a heading (or sub-heading), indent subsequent paragraphs. Do not leave a line between paragraphs. Justify paragraphs (rather than align right).

·         Use footnotes not endnotes.

·         Use plain quotes.

·         Number illustrations (Fig. 1, 2, 3 etc). Supply a separate folder of .jpg images. Ensure you have obtained all necessary permissions for use.

·         Put full references in the Reference section at the end of the article and refer to this in footnotes by author, date and page numbers if appropriate.

·         Use italics for titles of published books. Titles of chapters and articles should be in quotation marks.

·         Please also yellow-highlight use of special fonts.

Advise me when you are ready to submit and I will invite you to join the Dropbox.

Call for speakers: 2013

I am intending to hold a full day symposium on medieval coinage (roughly AD973 – 1500) during the Leeds International Medieval Congress, 1-4 July 2013, Please let me have an abstract and brief biography if you wish to speak. While this seems early, proposals for individual papers must be submitted by 31 August 2012 and session proposals by 30 September 2012. I’m not sure how well numismatics and monetary history can be made to fit the thematic strand which is 'Pleasure'. I await your creative suggestions and again refer you to Egomaniac!

Call for speakers: 2014

The next biennial symposium in early medieval coinage will again be held in Cambridge in late March 2014. The venue may move away from the Fitzwilliam if attendance continues to increase. I have one speaker already registered! Future programmes will leave more time for socialising. Please let me know your views on the following:

1.      If the venue moves, would you be prepared to pay, say, £40 daily attendance fee?

2.      Would you attend if the symposium were spread over two days?

3.      Would you attend if the symposium were on (or started on) a Friday?

4.      Have you any suggestions for expanding the scope of the event?

Pass it on!

Please pass on this Newsletter, as it is important to make this event a success. If you have contacts that I could usefully include in my database, please advise (Data Protection Act permitting). If you think we might fruitfully gain publicity elsewhere, please let me know – or just take the initiative yourself and copy me in.

If you want to `unsubscribed` or have received duplicate copies please let me know.

With best wishes,

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tel: 0113 225 0680.

8th April 2012